New Products!

May 11, 2018

We're excited to offer some new designs in our Inlay Kits.

These include a Painter's Pallet Inlay, Flamingo, Sturgeon Fish and the US Flag Eagle inlay. You can get these kits for 30% less, use discount code FLASHSALE. This offer is on all our Inlay Kits and is valid for this weekend only. 

We have also launched a beautiful Bullet style pen. This pen is proudly made in the USA and is engraved with the 2nd Amendment. This high quality pen is made of brass with a copper tip. It's currently available for only $35.00 in limited quantity. 

Happy Mother's Day! Mom's favorite kits are still available at 50% discount.

Also, don't forget the Grads and their teachers that make it all possible. Apple/Teacher and Grad Inlay still at only $10.00.

Thank you to all our customers for your support. We hope you continue to enjoy all that Lazerlinez has to offer.

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